Hiking Core - Pony - Tan - Woman

kr 3,000.00 NOK

Hiking Core is a traditional hiking boot with clean lines and a classic design, crafted with premium materials from Italy. The shearling lining combined with the micro/rubber outsole gives this boot a supreme level of comfort.

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Shearling lining

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Traditional craftsmanship

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Style details

• Handmade: Porto, Portugal
• Material: Cavallino cow leather
• Sole: Rubber
• Lining: Shearling
• Footbed: Shearling
• Laces: Cotton
• Extra laces included: Tone in tone and colored

Manufactured in Portugal

All Mono products are manufactured in Portugal at factories on the smaller scale, that are family owned, who value traditional leather craftmanship and great attention to detail. The profession is often passed down through generations, and the level of quality is therefore impeccable. 

• Certified Italian leathers
• Handcrafted in Portugal
• Rubber and Micro outsoles
• Superior comfort

Carefully crafted

Mono products are carefully and meticulously crafted by a few handpicked producers, that are reliable and stands for shared values as the Mono brand. In order for us to choose our producers they must meet important criteria such as high-quality production of goods as well as consistency and accuracy.

We also have requirements in regards to sourced materials from an environmental aspect. Therefore, all our producers need to comply with REACH, and get approved and certified by either L.G.W. or OEKO -TEX. 

Leather that looks and feel like pony hair

Cavallino Leather is also known as 'Pony Hair', 'Calf Hair Leather' or 'Hair on leather', and it is created from cow hide. It is made from the hair side of the hide. The pelt is shaved so that it resembles the hide of a horse. It can be dyed in different colours and patterns, such as animal print.

All our Cavallino Leather are premium quality and come from the best Italian Tanneries.

Traditional craftsmanship
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